Every January and February            1st and 3rd Thursdays

During this 4-week book discussion of Until It's Gone by Scott Miller, a trained facilitator will lead participants to examine his thoughts on poverty - causes and solutions.  This is an orientation session for those potentially interested in becoming a mentor (Ally).  It is open to all who are interested in learning more about poverty issues and Thrive though.  



Ally Training is open to anyone interested in learning more about poverty issues and how the Thrive! program works.  At the conclusion, participants decide if they would like to be a mentor, volunteer in another capacity, or just appreciate the knowledge learned.

Training is  provided through Bridges Out of Poverty Workshop, meeting twice a month during 6 months to explore the perceptions and realities of poverty and how to be an effective mentor.  Upon completion, participants may choose to commit to an intentional relationship with a family or individual in poverty and join them in their quest to build resources for a stable future.  Become part of a Team (Two Allies and one Leader) for the next 1 1/2 years.


- motivated to make a lasting change

- able to attend 1st, 3rd, and 5th Thursday evening meetings

- successful completion of Conversations (orientation)

- thriving above 200% of Federal Poverty guidelines.

Workshops are held every year, March thru August. 

Thrive! Teams


Upon succesfull completion of Bridges Out of Poverty Workshop, two Allies connect with one Leader to form a team for the next 18 months.  These intentional relationships provide a support system, a source of knowledge, and accountability.

Teams meet on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Thursdays, but they may also get together at other times. Going to the park, going to a community event together can be a great way to informally get to know each other better. Allies and Leaders also meet at times to work on specific tasks, like resumes or budgets.     



Meals are a very important component to success in Thrive -  a healthy, well-balanced meal; a night from worrying on how to feed the family; and a chance to relax and get to know each other regardless of economic background.

Kitchen Crew helps set up and/or clean up.  Sign up to come weekly or once or twice a month.  Or be on call for a substitute. 5pm-7pm for set up and clean up.  6:15-7:15 for clean up.

Groups are invited to provide a meal.  If groups can stay to serve and clean up, that's even better!  Individuals can also participate by providing parts of a meal.

Donations to purchase meal supplies are always welcome.  



Childcare allows participants to fully focus at workshops, conversations, and teams.  This is free and available to all participants, Leaders, and volunteers, upon making a reservation the Sunday before.

Volunteers and Assistants are 18 and over. 

Volunteer Helpers are in high school

Substitute positions are available.

Kids Thrive!


Our weekly Kids Thrive! is just for youth.  Similar to adult participants, our youth build skills and relationships that empower them to thrive.  Kids Thrive! is for 1st - 8th grade and is for all participants - Leaders, Allies, and volunteers.  

Volunteer Assistant positions are available for adults 18 and over.  

Teen Helpers are in high school.

Substitute positions are also available.

Fund Development


Fund Development volunteers work to secure money to operate Thrive!, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Support comes solely from donations, grants, and fundraisers.

The Fund Development Director coordinates the fundraising efforts and volunteers. 

Potential volunteer opportunities are

grant writers, presenters, event organizers, ebay merchandiser. 

Sponsors can be groups or individuals who would like to make a donation for general operating expenses or for specific costs, which can be a one-time contribution or on going.  



Communication volunteers spread the word about Thrive! 

Volunteer areas include: 

Champions who are liaisons to keep the information flowing between Thrive! and an organization Webmaster to maintain and update the website

Facebook Poster to post pictures and information on facebook

Newsletter Editor to write online newsletters

Speakers to make presentations to group